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Guitar and Bass Cable

The Mda Custom Cable drastically improves cables for guitar, bass and speakers. Hand made with the highest quality materials, our cables send a fast and direct signal, well spread over the whole spectrum, for unprecedented sound.

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Be ready to get your ears blown away.

The Mda Custom Guitar Cable is not for the faint hearted. Only professional musicians that are ready to hear what their equipment really sounds like should try out our cables.

Discover what a free and natural connection between your hands and your speaker feels like.

Honestly, the best cable you could choose.



Guitar Cable Mda Custom

Extremely low loss and screened core cable.

Our patch cable fits the Mda Custom extremely low-loss, screened cable and delivers a good compromise between "fat" and "glass". The signal will flow freely through your rig.

Your amp will receive just the right amount of signal it can handle, creating the best balance for clean and distorted sound.

Patch Cable

Patch Cables

Born to Perform.

These little babies are all you need to supercharge your pedals and rigs. Guaranteed to transmit instrument signal as purely as the Gods of Rock meant it to be.

Connect your pedals and rig with the best cable money can buy.

Patch Cables matter.

Unparalleled signal transmission throughout your rig.

Engineered to best connect your pedals and rig. Small and flexible, they transmit the full signal through all your rig.

Don't buy cheap patch cables. It's easy to leave out signal you don't need, but's impossibile to recreate signal you have lost.

Speaker Cables

The Gods Of Rock would be Proud.

Handle fequency like Locki and high power ratings like Thor without breaking a sweat. Give your speaker the life-line it needs.

Speaker Cable

Purest connection between your amp head and speaker.

Speaker Cable

Pure guitar amp to speaker flow.

Pure electron flow at the lowest resistence gives you near perfect frequency response where it counts the most.

Sheilding where needed most.

No corners were cut when designing the sheilding. Our best materials where used to prevent interference from RFI or EMI signals from surrounding electronic equipment.

Clarity and dynamics.

Your tone will breathe through your speaker with all the spatiality of three-dimensional sound. You'll hear ever single note from your sweep arpeggios or minor seventh flat five chord.

Guitar and Bass Cables

MDA Custom Cables.

Custom Engineered Guitar Cables

Custom Engineered

All our products are made at the highest quality level, carefully assembled and soldered to achieve the purest contact between parts and easiest electron flow.

Every single part and step of the process is essential and necessary. If it's there, it's because you need it.

Durability Guitar Cables


Sleek black jacket protection carefully chosen to protect the core cable in any condition, live or in studio. Resistent white jack encapsulation protects cable-jack connection to make your cable last years.

You can trust it's great reliabilty and almost no need of any maintenance.

30 Money Back Guarantee Guitar Cables

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At Mda Custom we are dedicated to help you find your true sound. If you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days from buying the product, you can contact us, send us back the cable, and get your money back, no questions asked.

All you need is to try it once.

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  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Custom Engineered
  • Highest Quality Components and Connections
  • Includes Assistance with your setup

Hear the real sound your guitar makes.